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Serious Eats All Star SandwichFest - Saturday, July 23

Join Serious Eats for the ultimate summer picnic as we celebrate our favorite sandwiches in New York City and induct them into the Serious Eats Hall of Fame. Is there any better way to spend a summer afternoon than Serious Eats-selected sandwiches, beer and dessert on Governors Island?



Our Maggie-Hoffman-selected beer fridge is full of craft brew favorites: Blue PointSmuttynoseFirestone WalkerRodenbachFoundersVictoryThe BrueryCaptain LawrenceSixpointElysianNebraska BrewingThomas Hooker, and more. We’ll also be pouring lots of delicious wine: MontinoreChanning DaughtersShawVOS Selections, and Bedell, and cider from Farnum HillFizzy LizzyRed Jacket Orchards and Counterculture Coffee complete our beverage line up.


Serious Eats favorite Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and People’s Pops. Stay tuned for more menu developments!

We hope to see you on July 23rd - buy your ticket now before they are gone! To request a press pass, please  email presspass@seriouseats.com. If you’d like to join our team of wonderful volunteers, please email volunteer@seriouseats.com.

Saturday, July 23, 2011 from 12:00 PM - 4:00 

Governors Island

TICKETS $65.00



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